111141864A 12v HEATER 12kW THERMO E PlUS PRODUCT CODE: 11141864A

111141864A  12v HEATER 12kW THERMO E PlUS
Our price: £ 1,438.02 (excl. VAT)£ 1,725.62(incl. VAT) Width: 248 m
Length: 435 m
Height: 224 m

111141864A THERMO E PlUS 12kW HEATER 12v 11141864A

Length: 435mm
Width: 248mm
Height: 224mm

Voltage: 12v

Heating Output: 12kW Fuel Consumption: 3.2 - 4.1 Temp Range: -40 to 85°C Weight: 13.3kgs

This 12v heater is perfect for a smaller vehicle application such as a Minibus

Environmentally friendly
• Low fuel consumption due to high efficiency
• Suitable for alternative fuels according to DIN EN 15940
• Fuel savings due to external control of the circulation pump
• Emission values significantly below current standards
• Noise emission optimised

Extended application range
• Wide range of applications
• Due to 12 kW version even in mini,- and midi buses
• As an additional heater in E-buses
• Available in 12V or 24V
• External circulating pump actuation
• As single or dual fuel line system
• Thermo E+ 120 is one of the shortest heaters in its class

Brand URL : http://www.thhs.co.uk

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