017-B40/T-IET-73 SPAL BLOWER 24v PRODUCT CODE: 017-B40/T-IET-73

017-B40/T-IET-73 SPAL BLOWER 24v
Please contact us for a price Width: 135 m
Length: 350 m
Height: 140 m

017-B40/T-IET-73 SPAL BLOWER 24v 017-B40/T-IET-73

Length: 350mm
Width: 135mm
Height: 140mm

Voltage: 24v

OE Ref: 017-B40/T-IET-73

Fitted to Volvo LOADER L150

Application: Demister Blower, Heater Blower, Cabin Blower, Rack Blower, Heater Motor

SPAL Automotive are world leaders in cooling technology producing high performance centrifugal blowers and axial fans suitable for use in such as Bus and Coach, Tractors and Agricultural, Construction Machines, Motorsport Off-Road Vehicles and Industrial Equipment.

Brand URL : http://www.thhs.co.uk

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