MP5620/HW2 Alternative Motor 24v PRODUCT CODE: MP5620/HW2/AF

MP5620/HW2 Alternative Motor 24v
Our price: £ 89.00 (excl. VAT)£ 106.80(incl. VAT) Length: 135 mm

Motor to MP5620/HW2 Motor MP5620/HW2/AF

Length: 135mm
Voltage: 24V

Spindle Dia: 8mm / Groove Body Dia: 75mm Spindle Type: D Direction: Reversible

Our alternative has some small differences to the original MP5620/HW2.

1. Body motor length is longer, this is not always critical but worth double checking
2. Dimension: bracket to end of shaft is longer and you may need some spacer to make it fit depending on application
3. Vent holes in the motor

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