Privacy Policy

E-mail Statement

If mail is submitted to THHS Ltd the end-user grants THHS Ltd the right to use its contents on all programming, including web and internet.

However, THHS Ltd respects the end-users privacy therefore none of the end users information will be submitted to any third-party company nor will the e-mail address be supplied to any third-party company endorsing various e-mail messages.

Anti-Spam Policy

THHS Ltd does not and will not relinquish any of its end-users e-mail addresses to any third-party. THHS Ltd respects its end-users privacy and time and does not mass market or e-mail its users. All e-mail sent by THHS Ltd is sent as a reply to the original e-mail message sent.

THHS Ltd does not support or participate in e-mail address exchanging or swapping and will not accept any e-mail database list from any person or company.

Credit Cards

THHS Ltd do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

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